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Instagram: @fengyesart

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Yunjie Huang (FengYe) is a London-based ceramic artist and illustrator. Drawing inspiration from diverse sources such as Archaeology, Myth, Fairy Tale, and Fantasy, Yunjie skillfully utilised clay and paints to transform abstract concepts into captivating artistic creations. Her signature style is marked by dreamy, soft, and whimsical concepts, imbued with surrealistic undertones.

Having completed her undergraduate studies in industrial design, Yunjie earned a distinction degree in MA Illustration from Camberwell College of Arts. Yunjie's artistic evolution was ignited by the ancient artefacts of goddess-worshiping cultures in Neolithic and Bronze Age Europe. These cultures placed significant ritualistic importance on pottery, fuelling her fascination with ceramics.

Yunjie's oeuvre masterfully weaves poetic fantasies and myths, addressing modern feminism and societal power structures. Her work serves as a lens to analyse inequality while exploring avenues of self-empowerment, rooted in her personal life experiences.

Within her practice, Yunjie employs various clay types to craft new symbols of femininity for her mythical narratives. Porcelain, with its transparency and capacity for intricate details, holds a special place in her artistic arsenal. Through her creations, she channels the spirit of ancient partnership wisdom, invoking feelings of empowerment. Yunjie's ambition is to reconstruct viewers' perceptions of the female body, emphasising its sacred, life-creating essence. She forges an intimate connection between the human form and her ceramic pieces, fostering a profound dialogue between art and observer.

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